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Whale swim & watching 

Between July and October, the majestic Humpback Whales migrate to Tongan waters to breed and give birth to their calves.

Recognized at the best place in the world to swim with whales, Vava’u has become increasingly popular for Tourists, Photographers and Film-makers.

Reservations for spaces has become difficult so we suggest that you book early with us to avoid disappointment.




Vava’u offers wonderful diving and spectacular snorkeling all year round.

Swallows cave, Mariners Cave and Coral gardens are a few of the world class sights to visit.

With often crystal clear visibility and stunning scenery, the snorkel and dive spots are suitable for all abilities.

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Game Fishing is offered throughout the whole year.

Depending on your target fish, both Trolling and Jigging are offered.

Marlin, Tuna, Mahi Mahi and the Giant Travelly are just some of the species here in large numbers.

Please note it may difficult to charter a boat for Game fishing during the Whale season.

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Yacht sailing


Between April and November Yacht chartering is offered.

Vava’u is famous in the boating community for its protected anchorages, pristine beaches and wonderful sailing.

Not much can beat being lying under a clear night sky, in a Tropical harbour, listening to the sounds of the sea, on your own private Yacht.


Spectacular Sunsets


Whilst we can’t guarantee these daily, more often than not, we are treated to one of nature’s greatest sights.

The Sunsets seen from Cocokara Beach are magnificent.

The colours of the sky and the ocean change in seconds and momentarily we are treated to a landscape never copied or to be seen again.

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